New Interactive Mobile Sports App Lets You Play World Wide Live Sporting Events In Real-Time Play As A Free Player Live And In Real-Time During Its Live Sports Event Debut In The Fall 2016
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United Games Affiliate: Steve Noel Sr
(425) 829-9644

Hi: My name is Steve Noel Sr. and I am a United Games Affiliate.
Yes I am an affiliate, but this isn't really a true affiliate program.
  • You are not required to sign-up other affiliates in order to make money.

  • You are not required to advertise this program to sign-up affiliates and make money.

  • You are not payed any percentage of the money from affiliate dues paid to help cover costs.

  • You can make money from sharing a mobile sports app.

A lot of people read to much into this program as to what it is and what it does. This is how I see it. You are not paid on the number of affiliates you have, you are paid on game tokens acquired and played on a mobile sports app during any give month. This can be just 1 token or millions of tokens and it grows month after month. To earn money, you just play, share and earn by sharing a free sports app. That's it and you can't teach that!

There are nine tiers in this program and I see them as bonuses because you only need tier 1 to make good money. Just 100 tokens played in one month will pay your affiliate dues for the next month.

If you have just 10 players on your first level and they each invite 7 and they invite 7 for just 5 levels not tiers, and they each played just 1 token, you would make - $2,801.00 and you only invited 10 people to play by sharing an app.

Plus the company will not be competing with you. In fact all players that download the apps from the app store for the company will be shared among all affiliates and you can't beat that!

So the way I see it, $40.00 is very little to invest in something of this magnitude. Maybe, Just Maybe, this to good to be true opportunity is true and for less than I pay for morning coffee for a week, I'm in!

The question is, are you willing to put up $40.00 to become an affiliate in a never before seen or heard of opportunity that offers a true opportunity to make the good money.

This app is designed to play live sporting event games in real-time as the game is being played. You can play in groups against others whether they are friends, family or fans of the opposing team. This app is going to be alot of fun and sign-up as a player is free.

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United Games Affiliate: Steve Noel Sr
(425) 829-9644

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United Games has developed "The Better Way To Play", a mobile-based sports gaming app system using it's proprietary live event predictive analysis engine and associated real-time sports entertainment technologies. The core of the mobile sports game app is based upon analysing and predicting results across the full spectrum of events that occur within a live sporting event.

Within the game players analyze the sporting event ahead-of-time and make certain predictions (called-picks), and during the live event will make further real-time decisions using multimedia screens within the mobile game app, based on their grasp of the ebb and flow of the live sporting event.

Making the correct pre-game and live real-time predictions provides fascinating competition for sports fans, where players of all experience levels may participate and receive loyalty rewards for having fun and competing with other app players located anywhere in the world. This can be one player or groups of millions of players competing against each other and having loads of fun during live sporting events and in real-time.

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